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We have room for 25 Agents from the Denver ,Los Angeles and Las Vegas areas set up to test this program in the coming months.  If they don't get a listing, they pay nothing to New Method, LLC.    New Method, LLC will develop a 200 "Qualified" person farm in their area and market to those 200 using Postcards, Voicemails, Emails and Texts, each and every month.

Once they receive their first Listing, they then start paying a monthly cost of $500 no matter how many listings they receive. 

Our experience over the past 27 years suggests that these farm areas will only get better with age!  We expect to build to at least two listings per month.  Would you trade $500 for the commission on a $300,000+ home? 

Once we are finished with the Beta Testing, we expect the cost to increase to $500 per listing transaction. Those Agents in the Beta Test will remain at the $500 Monthly level for the first 2 years.

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