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Lite Seasonal Recipes are available as an email template.  This is a great way to add to the Postcard Recipe Program.  You can get as many email templates as you desire by emailing bruce@newmethodmarketing.com and asking for the 52 weeks of FREE email templates.  These are only available to our current Postcard Mailing clients.    In addition to some of the recipes, there are what we call Info Cards available for just about any subject we have ever done.  Heart Attack, (What to do in the event of one) to Earthquake Preparedness Templates.  We have a group of 52 that are ready to use in emails.  You import the jpg file into your email and you can add a custom header with your real estate information and then a personal note, or a just listed property, or just sold property or even a market update for your farm area.  The sky is the limit on what you can do with these in emails.  They don't come in as an attachment if done  properly.  They show up just as you see to the left.

1000's Of Realtor Clients Have been with us an Average of 14 Years!

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