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One of our all time favorite recipes.   The curried Butternut Soup  is not only a great looking info card for your emails but the recipe is outstanding. You have to try it when you have the time.  The Scones are also really good too!  This template is available to all of our clients  totally FREE.  Just email Bruce@newmethodmarketing.com and he will see to it that you are sent an entire collection of all 52 email templates for your use in sending to your personal list of email recipients.  There should be a header added on top with all of your personal information, Name, Company, Logo, Address and Phone Numbers.  We think you will find it amazing how many referrals will start coming your way if you combine sending out our info card emails on a weekly basis with the Keep'em Postcards.  The agents that do both are seeing an increase in their listings.  The postcards are great but we think that you still have to do more.  The more touches you have with your list, the better.  Don't ever think you are doing too much.  It just doesn't happen.  We can only tell you that from our 27 years of experience, more is better!