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   Attention all Real Estate Agents!  Real Estate Farming Postcards have proven to be one of the best marketing products that a Realtor can use to increase their listings and referrals in a geographic area of homes.  If you have a personal sphere list and are not sending  any real estate marketing materials to that list, you are really missing the boat.  Those are your best source of referrals.  They should be receiving one of your real estate postcards each and every month of the year.  Remember, out of sight, our of mind.  How many times have you heard that statement?  Well . . .  believe it!  You really need to send them all a Postcard each and every month.

     We pride ourselves in bringing you new real estate marketing ideas as often as possible.  The Keep'em Postcards are our #1 marketing tool.  They are more likely to end up on the front of the refrigerator or the bulletin board than any other type of postcard.  Please take a few minutes to navigate through our individual postcard pages and take a look at our real estate postcard samples.  These pages contain many of the postcards that we have sent out in the last year or two.    They should give you a pretty good idea of the type of postcards that we produce.  If you like what you see from the last year or two, I know you are going to love what we have coming up for this next year. 

     Please keep in mind that this monthly prospecting program is totally hands free to you.  We do all the work, so you don't have to!  You do what you do best, Sell Real Estate!  You don't have a choice in which postcard goes out each month.  We have been doing this for the past 27 years, trust us that we know what works and works best.  You may not personally like a particular Postcard but we know that most of the people that receive the postcards are going to love them.  While you may not like a particular sport such as football, I assure you that most people out there are going to love the football schedules.  And if they are not football fans, they will pass the postcard on to someone who is.  It doesn't get tossed in the trash and perhaps could bring you another new client.

     Real Estate Postcards will bring you a fantastic return on your investment.  Many agents have told us that after their first couple of years, they are getting as much as a 40 times return.  That means for every $1 you invest in your real estate postcard marketing, you should see a return of $40. Now, we can't guarantee individual results but this is what agents tell us.

     We have over 1000 Real Estate Agents on our program.  We send out personal lists and or farm lists for these agents on a monthly basis.  That many agents can't be wrong.  Postcard Marketing for Realtors is one of the best ways to get your name in front of potential clients on a consistent basis.  It doesn't  matter if you are new in the business or a 25 year veteran, you should be sending out real estate marketing postcards on a monthly program.  Start today, you'll be happy you did!   .

Real Estate Postcard Marketing

1000's Of Realtor Clients Have been with us an Average of 14 Years!

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Start a Farm of 500 Homes

$349 per month

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Real Estate Postcards

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