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It gives me pleasure to write this letter regarding the direct mail advertising solutions that New Method Marketing has created for the REALTORS to use as part of their follow-up program and direct mail advertising. I was introduced to the program in 1995 when the owners attended a sales meeting, When I first saw the Monthly "Keep'em" card program I knew that this would provide a value added service to my past clients and farm area clients.

Now, finally a reason to keep the mailing that I have been sending for many years. The cards are timely and well-thought out to provide useful information to my clients. They love the cards!

I have spent 25 plus years in the Las Vegas real estate market and can say without hesitation that I highly recommend this program to other REALTORS. Your clients will thank you for providing them with this service. After all, our business is based on taking care of past clients to earn their trust and respect to enable us to continue to recieve referrals.

It's A Good Life!
Judie J Woods, CRS, GRI, LTG

Las Vegas, Nevada

"This is the easiest and best way to remind people that I'm still out there! The postcards make it simple and my customers love getting them. New Method Marketing hasn't missed a month since I started the program in 1994"

Jim Anderson
RE/MAX Metro Properties, Inc.
Englewood, Colorado

Hi Bruce and Margo.

I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much your monthly mailers have meant to my success over the last decades. I have clients that have let me l<now that the monthly mailers they receive have continued to put me at the forefront of all real estate agents. Many have expressed gratitude that the post cards arrive through the mail rather than automated technology used by so many real estate agents today. I stand out because I am unique. You have helped me maintain a standard of providing valuable information at a manageable and comfortable rate (monthly) instead of the annoying mechanical feel of automated e-mails.

I owe you and your efforts so much gratitude for my success.

Ken Townsdin


The Real Estate Firm I

As I am now winding down my 30 year career in the best job in the whole world… helping people achieve one of the last American Dreams available… owning your own home… or investing in Real Estate to help you make your financial dreams come true. What a great career I have been blessed with.

What I really want to share with you is how grateful I am for our marketing relationship with New Method Marketing over all of this time. We first met during the time that I was new to the “business” and was looking for ways to not only become a “player” in the Real Estate profession but also add “value” to my customers lives. And there you were!

Over the years I have received so many “Thank You” phone calls, emails or in person comments from the folks on my monthly New Method Marketing mailing list.  One would not think that things like a “Kitchen Equivalence List” or a “Map of the new Denver International Airport” or the “Here’s What to do with Your Kids in the Summer” or the “Ski Loveland Discounts Cards”  would add so much value to so many of my clients lives every year … but It did!

And as a result of this monthly value added mailer, my repeat client business grew and grew and grew to the point that I no longer was looking for any new business.  It was all repeat business or referrals from them to their friends or recently to their children. (yep… next generation it is)

It is so refreshing these days to be able to say that you have my Heart Felt Thanks for not only the products you offer to enhance other’s lives but for the wonderful people you are!

Hope our paths cross again!

Terry Anderson

ReMax Alliance

Ft. Collins, Colorado

Client for over 25 years

Now retired! Jan 2021

"The key to my successful personal pormotion is setting myself apart from the competition. New Method Marketing Postcards allow me to do just that. I've used them every month for over six years!"

Gary Arnold, Broker Associate, CRS, GRI
RE/MAX 3000, Inc.
Aurora, Colorado

"New Method Marketing mails 2500 postcards to my farm area every month. I've been using their service for the last twenty years. It's made my life easier. I don't have to lift a finger and I know the mail goes out every month. The Results are fabulous!"

Al Goodman
Realty 500 Reiss Corporation
Las Vegas, NV

"New Method Marketing is a professional way to keep in touch with my personal sphere group on a monthly basis. The customer layouts help to set me apart while increasing my referrals and repeat business!"

Eric Jacobson, Broker Associate, CRS, GRI
RE/MAX of Boulder
Boulder, Colorado

Mike & Diana Cooper

Clients for 27 years

Now Retired!


"A Consistent postcard marketing program plays a key role in my success as a real estate agent. Everywhere I go, I get great comments about the postcards. People recognize me and ask for my advice. It's a key part of my consistently making the 100% club each year."

Don Alber,
RE/MAX Metro Properties
Englewood, Colorado

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how happy I am with New Method Marketing postcards.  From the very beginning, everyone has been very helpful and professional which has made it a pleasure to work with New Method.  The selection of cards makes it easy to stay in touch with past clients as well as introducing myself to potential clients. The consistent monthly mailings help keep my presence in front of my marketing area.  In fact, clients love receiving the cards so much that the owners of the property I just sold asked me if I can continue sending the cards to their new home.  Thank you New Method for your professionalism and quality postcards,

Deanna  Shapiro

White House Properties

Woodland Hills, California                                                                                                                                                                                   

To prospective clients.   My name is Chris Cooper, and I have been a licensed realtor in Colorado Springs since 1997.   I joined my parents real estate company out of real estate college, who had both been in real estate since the late 70s.   On the first day on the job, my parents told me to come up with a 100 names to notify that I was now a realtor.   The second thing my parents had me do is sign up with New Method Marketing.   I learned Early on that if you don’t stay in touch with your clients, someone else will.   After being in the business now for 20 years, I rely heavily on my past clients and their referrals.   I would not be able to do this without New Method Marketing.   I control my list of clients, and can modify them when it is convenient for me.   All I have to do is pay a small monthly fee, and New Method Marketing stays in touch with my clients for me.   It is the best marketing I do.   I highly recommend giving NMM a chance, it is the reason I survive in this business, and the reason why I can hopefully continue to thrive in this business.

Chris Cooper

Clemente Real Estate

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Hi to all at New Method,
After nearly 25 years with New Method I’m on the road to retirement and I’m not marketing anymore.  

From the moment I met Bruce and Margo in their Highlands Ranch home, when the business was in its infancy, I knew I’d be using New Method for many years.  Thank you Bruce and Margo for helping my business grow and thanks to the whole crew at New Method.  It’s been a good ride.---

Jan Bender

Bender & Company Real Estate

Denver, Colorado

"Agents... I have used this company and this postcard marketing for over 20 years and it works!!! "

"I call these keep em' cards... It is Arizona stuff and these cards work!!!  Let me know if you have any questions...  I'm always asked, what kind of marketing should I be doing?  This is a great tool !!!!!"

Brenda Ryan

Arizona Premier Realty Homes & Land, LLC

"Using New Method's postcard program is like having my own silent marketing team. I am marketing constantly, but I am not spending my valuable time coming up with ideas, printing labels, designing postcards or going to th post office. The jumbo size postcards really make an impact!"

Jim Traynor
RE/MAX 3000, Inc.
Aurora, Colorado

New Method Marketing has been the single most effective tool to help me get and retain clients. It's working for you even when you're not. It's a winner year after year.

Kirk Rogers

Metro Brokers

Denver, Colorado

New Method Marketing does what you won’t do…at least not consistently.  Keeping you in touch with your past clients on a monthly basis. It’s reasonable too.  Money well spent for As a Realtor, I consider keeping in touch with past clients a priority.  The “keep em” postcards do exactly that.  Been using them for 25 years. 

Andy Volk

Castle Marketing

Castle Rock, Colorado

Client for over 25 years.

Now Retired!  Jan. 2017


Hi Bruce, I am finally retiring from the  mortgage business so I want to thank you for all the imaginative cards that you have sent to my clients over the last 13 years.  You made it so easy to work with you and the cards always kept my phone ringing.

All the best to you and Margo in the years ahead!

Ron Rudrud

Select Plus Lending

Valencia, California

Client for 13 years.

Retired November 2020

Chris Cooper

Client for 20 years

I tell agents about y'all all the time but most of them don't understand how critically important your services are...and how EASY it is once it is set up.  Your company makes it possible for me to make a living.

 Judith Abbott
Coldwell Banker Residential

Dallas, Texas

Hello Bruce and Margo,

I have truly enjoyed and reaped the benefits of 20 years partnership with New Method Marketing.

I have profited from using these Keep It Cards on a monthly bases. My clients tell me that they only

need to look on their refrigerators to find me. They enjoy the free information they received from me

every month. From Sports to Recipes to Christmas Lights and their locations throughout the valley.

So many great cards and subjects that I enjoyed them myself. I am now passing the baton on to my

Niece because I am stepping back and retiring this year.

I highly recommend this family owned business. Very professional and friendly; easy to work with. 😊  

Patty Borton

Broker Associate

West USA Realty 

Retired 3/1/2024

Just want to say again how much we loved your design.  You are so talented!  We have re-done all of our marketing around your design and colors.  Thank you so much!  I have attached the signed approval here. 
I'm here to help,

Jenny Martin
Business Manager for Trisha Perez & Associates

1000's Of Realtor Clients Have been with us an Average of 18 Years!





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