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REALTORS -  We have been helping Agents increase their Listings and Referrals for the past 30 years.  This program connects the client receiving your postcard with your custom website that will give them a current market value of their property.  But, first they must tell you where to send the information.  That gives you the lead of the persons name, email and address of the target property in your farm area for you to act upon.  

At $299 per month, you should see a 40X or more return on your investment.  You will be spending $3588 per year.  Our programs have proven to receive up to 50% or more of the listings in a farm area each year.  This usually happens by the 3rd year of mailing and then continues on each year after that.  A farm area of 500 homes should see around a 10% turnover each year, meaning you will see 50 listings come on the market.  Our Agents have been getting from 16 to 28 of those listings.  If you were to get 16 listings from an area averaging $300,000 per home sold and you were receiving 3% commission then the ROI on your marketing investment would be 40X.  We generally see one or two listings in the first year.  That should pay for this program for the first 2 years or more.  Then in the second year we expect four to six listings and the third year is usually the time where we see the increase to around 16 or more listings.